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Science-Based Nutrition

Science Based Nutrition is a treatment process pioneered by Dr. Van D. Merkle and involves analysis of a patient’s comprehensive blood chemistry panel to establish a benchmark of biomarkers for a patient’s health and nutritional needs.  Traditional blood tests are compared to the “Normal Ranges” which does not necessarily translate to healthy.  “Normal Ranges” are the average of the results of the patients of a particular lab.  Science Based Nutrition compares the results of your blood chemistry panel to the Optimal Ranges, and provides dietary and supplement recommendations for better health.

Two supplements that have really made a positive difference for many of my patients:

Adaptocrine by Apex for adrenal/cortisol support. It’s great for normalizing cortisol, and increasing energy in exhausted people. It’s really helpful in getting people “unaddicted” from sugar, carbohydrates and caffeine. I have most of my patients on this supplement. It allows people to maintain their adjustments for a longer period of time, since it reduced the inflammation in the joints.

Estrovite by Apex for hormonal support. It helps women with hormone imbalances and hot flashes. The indole-3-carbinol in this supplement, binds itself to extra estrogens in the body, reducing the overall estrogen load. Excess estrogen can drive the growth of certain cancers. In men, it blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in the belly fat. This increases the overall testosterone, which helps in treating “andropause” in men.