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The Brain and Body Reset

A 12-Week Wellness Intensive

No matter where you are in your journey to better health, this 12-week wellness intensive will provide you the personalized care and education to inform all of your next steps.

Working with Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr Darla Booth, you will receive ongoing personalized, data-driven care while joining a community of like-minded people all working toward greater health.

The Brain & Body Reset supports a variety of health concerns

If any of these concerns affect you, this program can offer a great foundation of support:

  1. Brain Health
    Addressing cognitive changes including brain fog, memory loss, and dementia
  2. Hormone Balancing
    Managing hormone fluctuations over your lifespan; including portpartum and menopausal changes
  3. Autoimmune Disorders
    Including hashimoto’s, celiac disease, lupus, and others
  4. Family History
    Addressing a predisposition to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, type II diabetes, cancer, and other common or genetic conditions
  5. Navigating a New Diagnosis
    Seeking alternative or companion treatment options to a traditional Western medicine approach

Our Approach

Success in our three-month program is bolstered by a three-pronged approach to wellness through functional medicine:

Root-Cause Analysis

By identifying and addressing the root causes of your health concerns, our program provides sustainable solutions that lead to long-term health improvements.

Micro-Habit Stacking

Weekly micro-adjustments to routine, nutrition, and supplements contribute to more sustainable longterm changes and help us better track the impacts of treatment.


Become a true advocate for your own health by taking a deep dive into 12 key areas of understanding:

    • Blood sugar balancing and protein
    • Bloating, heartburn, and digestion
    • Sleep
    • Anti-Inflammatory diets
    • The Microbiome
    • Healthy fats
    • Exercise and blood flow to the brain
    • Whole body detoxification
    • Longevity and biohacking
    • Hormones: aging and the brain
    • Inflammation and chronic pain
    • Enhancing neuroplasticity

How it works

The intake process will include a comprehensive assessment including an extensive bloodwork panel that Dr. Booth will use to set a baseline for your care. During your initial 60-minute consultation, we will discuss your wellness goals, current symptoms and chief complaints, and review your labs to identify the root cause of your concerns.

Dr. Booth will then make recommendations for supplement protocols, diet changes, and other treatment methods and kick of your 12-week intensive. Each week, you will learn essential new information and add a new micro-habit change to your personal protocol. Making small adjustments to diet, movement, supplements, and other treatments will allow you to have improved longterm success while also making it easier to track the impacts of each individual habit adjustment.

Each week, you will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Booth on Tuesdays and Fridays to deep dive into your learning, check on progress, and answer questions.

Invest in your health

The Brain & Body Reset includes more than 33 hours of clinician-led education, consultation, and treatment over the course of 12 weeks:

  • Clinical review of symptoms & labs at the beginning and end of the program
  • Personalized treatment plan including nutrition and supplement protocols
  • 12 weekly office hours with Dr. Booth
  • 12 weekly group education cals with Dr. Booth
  • 12 weekly group Q&A calls facilitated by Dr. Booth
  • Self-paced functional medicine educaiton and video content
  • Better Brain & Body Health Community access
  • Practitioner rate discounted labs through Quest Diagnostics
  • Additional labs discounted (Cyrex, GI map) as needed
  • Fullscript discount on supplements

Total cost: $4,950 + labs and supplement protocols

HSA/FSA eligible

Let’s get started

The first step is to schedule a free 15 minute consulation with Dr. Booth to answer any questions and choose a path to best address your health concerns.

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