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Cellular Detox – Zerona

The Zerona Body Slimming Laser is a spectacular tool that helps mobilize that stubborn belly fat that creates a ton of inflammation in the body. Patients interested in this treatment engage in an hour-long appointment with our nutritionist to help understand the effects of gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and other individual nutritional triggers, and truly comprehend the value of hydration and exercise.

Then you start a supplemental process of a liver detox with some gut repair support—most people have some leaky gut and a congested liver. Finally, patients committing to this treatment do nine sessions (three per week) under the Zerona laser to liquefy the fat in the fat cells.

It’s a cool way to start moving that stubborn belly fat! Interested in learning more about the Zerona Body Slimming Laser? Check out this link: www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com/zerona-laser/